Bryan Jackson

How to Raise Baby Fish Fry in Your Aquarium

How to Raise Baby Fish Fry in Your Aquarium One of the most thrilling parts of the aquarium hobby is getting your fish to breed. A tiny baby may be spotted if you take care of your fish and are feeding them well. Although accidental fry are always fun, there are ways to improve their … Read more

How often do you Feed Fish (and How Much)?

How Often Do You Feed Fish (and How Much)? If you’re new to aquariums, figuring out how to feed your pet fish can be a little confusing. They always come up to the glass and beg for food, but does that mean you should give it to them? Keep reading to learn all about how … Read more

10 Top Loaches You Must Try

10 Best Loaches You Have to Try If you’re looking to add a lot of fun and excitement to the bottom third of your fish tank, loaches might be the perfect fit for you. This diverse group is hard to describe, but they have many characteristics that make them stand out. They are long-bodied, slim, … Read more

How to Care For Water Wisteria. (Hygrophila Diformis)

How to Care For Water Wisteria (Hygrophila diformis) Water wisteria (Hygrophila difformis) is a very popular aquarium plant in the hobby because of its lacy leaves, bright green color, and rapid growth. While its care requirements are easy, this species is very prone to melting and losing its leaves when you first purchase it (similar … Read more

Top 7 Helpful Snails for your Next Freshwater Aquarium

Top 7 Helpful Snails for Your Next Freshwater Aquarium Although not everyone loves aquarium snails, we do love their vital role in the ecosystem. As detritivores, they help to clean up and break down organics in the tank, such as leftover fish food, dying plant leaves, algae, and even deceased animals. To help you see … Read more

10 Best Goldfish Foods you Need To Try

10 Best Goldfish Foods You Need to Try Goldfish have been bred for hundreds of years to have special features like elegant double tails and egg-shaped bodies. This compact body can cause constipation or digestive problems. Goldfish owners spend a lot of energy and time finding the best food for their water piggies. Here are … Read more

How to Set up an Easy Planted Tank for African Cichlids

How to Make an Easy Plantted Tank for African Cichlids It’s a popular belief that African cichlids and live aquariums plants can never go together. With the right stocking selections, plants can be an effective way to block line of sight and keep alpha males away from becoming too aggressive. Here is a step-by-step tutorial … Read more

Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus) an Easy Aquatic Plant

Java Fern (Microsorum petropus) is an easy-to-acquire aquatic plant. Java Fern is one of the world’s most widely used plants in planted aquariums. It slow growth, unique leaf structure, and reproduction method makes it an aquarium smash hit. Java Fern is tolerant of all lighting conditions and environmental conditions, from alkaline water to soft acidic … Read more